Top 10 Beautiful Kerala House Wall Painting Ideas

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Most of people don’t know that the color that is visible to us affect the way we think or feel. We may not think about the colors and paintings that we see, but it impacts us. The colors have the power to influence a person’s mood as well as thought. Depending on the individual’s gender, local climate, age, or the ethnic background, the colors affect differently. Hence, it is important to choose wisely the colors and paintings that you want to keep your bedroom wall or any wall of your house. We already discussed the Kerala house interior design for the middle class. In this article, we will share some beautiful Kerala house wall painting ideas.

Painting enhances the beauty of the entire house. Right painting at the right place creates the right impression. For instance, if a painting looks good in the bedroom, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the same painting will have the same impact in the living room. The same concept goes for the colors that are used to paint different rooms. In Kerala, different colors like Beige, Turquoise, Coral, Lime, Purple etc. when combined and applied artistically become well-suited paints to decorate different interior house walls.

Kerala House Wall Painting Ideas

1. How color chosen by you for your bedroom can affect the way you think

bedroom painting ideas

It’s important to choose bedroom colors with care because most people don’t realize that colors shape the way people think every day. Color affects mood swings unconsciously so it is necessary to choose colors wisely. Also, your choice of a combination of home colors, define your personality. It can be confusing to choose the right wall painting colors from a horde of bedroom painting ideas. There are certain colors such as bright green, gray and pale blue will produce a relaxing and soothing effect whereas colors such as yellow, pink, lighter shades of dark colors will create a more soothing and stimulating effect.

Since bedrooms are supposed to be calm and relax the person, most people would go for colors which have a darker tone like rich navy, deep red, brighter shade of blue-gray tone, colors like krypton i.e. light gray etc.

2. Colors that will make your room look impeccable

Red is an intense color. If you are planning to paint your wall with this color then you will feel excited, as it naturally increases your energy. Red color appears elegant when you see it in lamplight during the night.

Yellow appears to be energizing and vitalizing, as it denotes sunshine color. This color is most suitable for the dining room, halls, kitchen etc.

Blue gives away calm and relaxing expression. Mostly, colors with softer shades of blue are suggested for bathrooms and bedrooms because of their serene outlook.

Green is suited for almost any room, as it soothes the eye and gives a feeling of comfort. Green is well suited for the family room and living room because it also gives the feeling of togetherness.

The combination of black, gray and white are considered old fashioned colors in terms of décor.  These are the bases of decor color, you can add different shades to these colors to cheer things up or cool it down.

3. Top Wall Stencil patterns that can help you with your bedroom decor

Starfish stencil design is one of the popular wall painting images that will perfectly suit your bedroom. This stencil design comes in different colors. You can pick whichever suits you better.

Birds and roses wall pattern design will make your bedroom look stunning. Flying birds and blooming rose flowers will enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

Are you a watercraft lover? Have you always wanted to be on Marine ship? Then, Anchor and Mariner’s Wall Art Stencil will give you the feeling that your bedroom is something more like a naval ship.

Tropical Allover Stencil is a commonly used bedroom wall pattern. This stencil pattern has been adopted by many home décor artists. It is also an ideal pattern to design a family room, living room, and bathroom.

Pinwheel wall design stencil is considered a suitable and artistic allover wall pattern. When mixed with the combination of dark blue and white colors, then it gives away a classic look for the bedroom. You can also choose some low-cost interior design ideas for your home.

4. Wall Painting Images ideas for home decor

wall pattern design

Abstract paintings can also enhance the beauty of your bedroom wall and increase the attractiveness of your overall room.

Digital Print Arts are widely used by interior decorators as they are economical and offers a wide variety of themes, sizes and choices.

You can use Framed wall paintings to decorate your house wall. This is one of the beautiful wall painting ideas for the home in Kerala. They are easily available and economical. And the biggest advantage they offer is that they can be switched to different rooms periodically with ease to experiment with the look.

Matte Finished wall paintings are the best wall decor items. They must be carefully sought and chosen as they are expensive but simultaneously leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

5. Colors which will make your small area in the house look big

If you choose the right color for your wall, it can accomplish many things such as bringing positive energy to your home, flatter all people in the place, and also not let you get sick. And for those with the small house can use colors to make it look larger than its actual size. There are four shades which are the best suited for the task of expanding the space which includes soft neutrals- Swirling Smoke by PPG, Cloud White, and Skylight. And the Hale Navy is one deeper shade which is a good choice.

Saturated Hue is an excellent choice for small space. You just have to be careful that you balance out the color with lighter neutrals to not make the room look overwhelming. The Coastal Fog, Navy Masterpiece by Benjamin Moore, Geyser, Colonial Aqua, and Stonehenge Greige by PPG Paints are some finest shades which will give a more spacious look to your room. You can also read here some low-cost house construction methods in Kerala.

6. Art design ideas for your wall

The wallpapers are getting boring nowadays; you can get more creative with the art designs on your wall. You should try cartoony pictures or splash of colorful designs if you want to makeover the room for your kids. With the DIY art for the wall, you can make your house ready to go to any party. If you have a large family, you must also have a lot of photographs of your family. You can use all those photos and become creative with the plain walls of your house. You can paint a huge banyan tree or any tree with lots of branches on the wall, and your framed photos sit on the branches of the tree. Floral designs with butterflies always look catchy and beautiful on the walls. You can also paint silhouettes of animals like dogs, bunnies or any other animal.

7. Wave designs of colors

Walls are like a blank canvas which needs to get filled with house painting designs and colors, or photos to make it look alive. You need to use a different approach to making your walls look more lively with just the paint. If you want an amazing wall with a beautiful look, you have to use more than just the color of a single accent or just one painter’s tape roll. People use the strips most of the time for their walls. It has become very usual and boring. Instead of the strips, you can try out the waves of colors. The waves like designs are easy to make since no particular dimension restriction is there. And one can use many different colors to make the waves. It will look like some abstract painting if you freehand the canvas. It is one great idea to connect the various accents of color which are present all over the room.

8. Painter’s tape, Typographic designs, and strips

You can use the painter’s tape for many wall decoration ideas at your luxury homes in Kerala. The painter’s tape comes in handy for not just making the strips or masking of the straightedge. It is much more useful than that; you can create various unique lines as well as designs when it gets torn. Try using the tape in a different way by painting against the torn edge of the tape.

Your house walls look attractive and practical with the typographic designs. You can personalize the room walls or workspace with the typographic designs. You can paint a large monogram on the wall of your kid’s room.

The personalized message on the wall display looks fresh and straightforward. You can get an inspirational or funny or witty message on the wall; it will make the guests feel welcome as well.

Strips are mainstream designs, but you can make a change in the strip layout. You can modify the width and make some strip wider or narrow.

9. Blocks of color

One can use solid colors to paint the walls and get a fantastic design. You can use a combination of many shades on a wall and make it look unique and fun. If you use the thin white frames of paint around all the color block, it will act as icing on the cake for the tones. You can look around all the room and make a list of all the colors used. Now, you just have to gather all of the colors on one wall and paint rectangles using all the shades that you’ve collected. It is just one best way to tie the different colors in one harmony leading to a great painting idea. The color blocks will make fantastic wall painting designs for the hall as well.

10. Ombre paint style

There is more flexibility in the design aspect in the case of ombre art. One can give a look like there is no boundary in between the walls and the ceiling and also eliminate vertical angles with the ombre painting. One good ombre art idea would be to paint the lower portion of a wall with a different color which will gradually become lighter and then white, and it matches the color of the carpet or the bedding such that there will be cohesion all over the wall. You can also use the ombre painting idea with the chevron stripes with the darkest shade as a lower strip. The ombre walls give a serene and beautiful atmosphere. It will look pleasing if you use it at the entrance or the bathroom. And if you use a sponge you can create beautiful textures as well.

There are plenty of Kerala house bedroom painting ideas. Still, you must carefully analyze color combinations and their effect on you and your guests. A good combination of paintings, stencil pattern and wall painting color will not only enhance your home decor but will also mesmerize you’re those who see it.

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