Top 15 Modern Kerala House Interior Design Ideas For Middle Class

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Top 15 Modern Kerala House Interior Design Ideas For Middle Class


15 Modern Interior Design Ideas for home builders in Thrissur, Kerala

To have a well-designed and decorated home is the ultimate dream for any person from a middle-class family. Kerala house interior design ideas for the middle class has changed over time and now people are looking for modern ideas to make their homes aesthetically beautiful. The interior design also increases the property value and this is also the supreme reason for any middle-class family to think differently. People are now investing their money for the interior designs not only to make their home beautiful but also to flourish in the real estate industry. Here are the top reasons to invest.

Interior design ideas for the middle class is not that expensive and even a common man can readily invest his money to increase its property value. To stay in real estate industry or if the owner is planning to sell his property, then he must invest a smaller amount of his money on interior designs as the demands are increasing day-by-day for houses built in a modern style. A low-cost approach can also be adopted without altering the budget.

Below are the Kerala house interior design ideas for the middle class to bring in a classic approach for the homes.

Interior Designs in Kerala House for Middle Class

  •     A simple courtyard

courtyardImage Source

Every traditional Kerala house is incomplete without a courtyard. We can see a courtyard in every palace of ancient time and in Hindu tharavaadu. A courtyard is always made beautiful with a swing or a beautiful lawn. Nowadays people are much focused into olden times and every middle-class house of today take care to construct a wooden made swing or bench in the lawn to get the traditional look. Wooden structures are an important criterion in every interior design in Kerala.

  •    Mosaic Tile Floorings

Every Kerala house of today invests money mosaic tile finished floorings. The elegance and the vibrant color of mosaic make it special in every Kerala homes. Tile finish using mosaic is affordable and mosaic tiles are easily available. These are reasons why people go behind such tile to get a vibrant finish to their classy homes. Choosing of best quality tile is of at most important because once set it is over and changing the tile occasionally may give a poor appearance to the home. You can also choose low-cost interior design ideas for a well-decorated home.

  •    Setting up of Brick Walls


Most Kerala house interior designs for middle-class include setting up of a brick wall. The brick color gives the ultimate finishing to every Kerala homes. In most cases, the interiors of the walls are not painted and the brick color is not altered to give the classy look to the homes. The wooden structures along with the brick walls give the home an elegant and pleasant finish making every Kerala home beautiful. It is also an affordable and innovative approach to meet the budget plan.

  •    Show Pillars

Pillar was an unavoidable part in almost all houses of olden days. Pillars are constructed not only to support the interiors but also to give them a traditional look. In olden days, the pillars were constructed to give support to the interior roofing and the floors. But today the pillars have only a showy purpose and it is purely constructed as a part of the modern approach. The pillars can be placed in corridors, lawn-side, and even inside. And here is a guide for low-cost house construction methods 

  •    Swimming pool or a small pond

swimming pool

Constructing a small pond is another interior design idea for middle-class. This affordable approach can be adopted by any family as it has many added benefits. Having a small pond is the absolute way to beat Kerala’s high humid conditions at the time of summer. Flowers including lily or lotus can be grown inside the pond along with small fishes. Colorful flowers floating in the water is an eye-catching and pleasing sight.

  •    An arch with flowers

Everyone is fond of having a flower garden in their home. But in some cases, house plot may not have enough space to have a garden. Thus, having a small garden as part of the interior design can make the home really beautiful by the help of flower arch and indoor pot plants. A flowering creeper can be grown to the arch side to bring in greenery in the interiors. 

  •    Wardrobe in wallpaper design

This style of interior design has a wardrobe in tropical design by hiving off the corner. A panel grid has been overlaid and the colors of chairs, bedcover, and the carpet are dark and have velvet texture.

  •    Kitchen wares in a traditional way

traditional kitchenwareImage Source

Space was figured at a premium and was placed at the rear side of the house. The kitchen is constructed without windows as space can be utilized for the bedroom and the living room. The brass and cast made iron utensils along with pots and cookware can be used in the kitchen as part of the traditional approach. A low-cost interior design for the kitchen can be done if the proper traditional cookwares are used. Placing the big vessels and small vessels in a pattern can make the kitchen more beautiful without investing much on kitchen interiors. Having separate racks to arrange the cookware is an added advantage to give a classy touch to the kitchen. Besides that, read some of the exciting  Kitchen Storage Ideas.

  •    Rustic and cozy bedroom

The beds are placed under a sloped roof which gives perfect cozy and soothing bedroom design. Roughness and comfort are perfectly balanced within the interiors.

  •    Flowers in terracotta

Flowers in terracotta is a widely accepted Kerala house interior home design ideas wherein flowers are placed in a vessel with a wide mouth. Water is poured into the vessel and the flowers float on the top. Flowers including roses, lotus, lilies can be used for decoration. The vessel can be placed at the corner of the living room or the bedroom. The water should be changed frequently in order to protect the home from the breeding of mosquitoes. 

  •    Indoor Garden

indoor gardenImage Source

The interior design idea can also include to set up a garden inside the house. Small indoor plants and creepers can do the work. Non-flowering plants with stunning green colored leaves can be used for this purpose. The flower pots can be placed on the stairs and use of pebbles can add more attraction.

  •    Mat Curtains

One of the most popular Kerala house interior home design ideas is the use of mat curtains. The mat curtains can do magic in the stretches of long corridors or in the verandas. The mat can be even folded to let in the fresh air and breeze. Using of stunning colors for the curtains can make the interiors to look even more beautiful.  

  •    Vases and pots

Vases and pots have always proved to be the best interior décor item for years. The vases of different shapes and size can be seen in every palace of ancient times and it was an unavoidable part of designing the interiors. The Kerala house interior design ideas have also not changed. Still, people are using them for designing their interiors.

  •    A small library

small libraryImage Source

Having a beautiful book rack in the living room can add more attraction to the interiors. Placing the books according to the size and shape can be done in an attractive way. The book rack can be placed in the middle of the living room and dining as it gives an aristocratic approach to the interiors. Polished wooden structures can be crafted and the books can be arranged accordingly.

  •   Framed photographs

A house is incomplete without a pleasant family. If we can frame the beautiful moments with the family in photographs, then it can add color to the walls of the interiors. One of the classic interior design ideas for middle-class is photo frames. The frames can be hung on the walls of the living room as a part of interior décor and attraction. Creating a gallery wall is beautiful decorative.

Above are the different options for the beautiful Kerala house interior design ideas for the middle class. Set up the budget and choose the structure before opting the interior designs. Interior designs can vary from property to property. The innovative ideas can be included while designing the interiors without the help of an interior designer. Have a picture of the interior decor at the time construction of your luxury homes in Kerala. The interior design can reflect the mind of the owner and can showcase the inside atmosphere. So always select the best interior decors and make it sure that it is designed for you and not for others.

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