Top 10 Reasons to Invest in a Ready to Occupy Home

Posted On Nov 23, 2016 by Real Estate Consultant Cheloor in Home Investment

Ready to occupy home invest

People construct houses with a certain image of a dream abode in their mind. The months that follow are filled with tedious processes such as waiting in long queues and paying enormous sums of money as the interest on home loans. The money never stops flowing out of the consumer’s pocket, as problems such as plumbing issues and minor cracks in the wall become common occurrences. By this point, the individual starts questioning if the entire process is worth the end result- a house that may not live up to your expectations. It is at times like these that the idea of someone else having constructed a house that resembles your ideal home sounds very pleasing. Ready to occupy homes are meant to cater to those individuals and families who wish to circumvent the entire procedure of constructing a house or flat but would still like to enjoy living in a space that they can call their own. Many consumers shy away from buying a ready to occupy flats or apartments because they feel like it loses the personal touch.

Other features of a ready to occupy a home that the investors worry about is the large sum of money that has to be paid in one go as a down payment. It is essential for the buyers to overlook these discomforts in light of the numerous advantages provided by the ready to move homes. In recent times, a depreciating confidence level in under-construction homes has worked as an advantage for those looking to sell houses that have been completely constructed, and require no changes. Here are the top ten reasons to invest in a ready to buy home.

Minimizing the Risks:

The housing market is subject to volatile prices. This is a clear red signal against investing in property that may not necessarily yield profitable results. A more practical approach would involve investing money in a ready to move house or flat, which can later be used to house your own family or can be given out on rent.

The Perks of Owning the Final Product:

It is illogical to invest additional time and money into constructing a house when you can find other houses that almost replicate the one that you had imagined. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of owning the final product, without having gone through the cumbersome task of supervising the construction and ensuring that every essential requirement is met.

Worth the Cost:

Most of the ready to occupy houses and flats are built as a part of a housing society. The Homebuilders choose a strategic location to build such housing societies. This attracts a large consumer base. If one chooses to invest in a ready to move home, they can do so with the assurance of getting good returns. Keeping in mind the growing needs of the population, houses close to hospitals, work-places, and schools are likely to be in great demand. Hence, an individual who chooses to rent out the house at the market price will still be making a striking profit.

Escape the Housing Loan:

The fact that investing in a ready to occupy flat makes it more probable for an individual to escape the housing loan and the repayment of a large sum of money acts as an incentive for the consumer to move away from the option of investing in a new project. It makes them consider the more economically viable alternative.

Someone else did it Better than you could have:

At times, the consumer may find a house that turns out to be better than the house of their dreams. It has supplementary features and designs that make the house feel closer to the heart, as compared to a self-initiated project that may not provide satisfactory results.

The Decision Lies in your Hand:

When investing in new property that is yet to be constructed, one may not have control over factors like the development of the neighborhood and the kind of people that you live with. On the other hand, living in a ready to buy home gives the individual the privilege of choosing the people that they want to stay next to and share their day-to-day interactions with.


A ready to occupy flat located in an apartment complex allows you to get useful feedback from the current occupants. It gives you the opportunity of weighing the pros and cons of shifting to the new house.

Dealing with EMI:

Investing in new property involves paying monthly EMI loans. However, if the consumers choose to move into a ready to occupy house or a flat, then they can avoid paying the EMI for the time period during which the house in still under construction and provides no utility. The EMI payments will require their attention only after they move into the house or give it out on rent. An investment of this sort is advisable for anyone looking at owning a house but has to do so within certain financial constraints.

No Fake Promises:  

People buy new land or property because they wish to create a house that will have an emotional value attached to it. The entire process can be compared to an artist creating a beautiful painting, rather than just adding color to a pre-drawn image. However, along with the course, there may be times when the constructor deviates from the pre-planned course of action. At other times, certain elements of the house may not go well with each other, and thus will be changed. In order to avoid such problems, one should consider looking at ready to move houses and flats. These houses can be viewed, scrutinized and assessed for what they are because no further changes are going to be made to the structure. This also negates the possibility of having creative differences with the builders. Any missing features can be added through minor investments.

Stable Source of Income:

Ready to buy houses and flats, when rented out work as steady sources of income. If the owner wishes to invest in other property and businesses, it becomes easier for the investor to convince the bank to provide loans. If on the other hand, the property is still under construction, it makes the house less valuable because the market prices of the house may fall depending on its location and the end product. These factors may make the bank iffy about using the property as collateral. Ready to move houses are easier to find and invest in, as compared to other forms of property whose construction needs to be strictly monitored on a regular basis.

In conclusion, if the buyer is still confused about whether to invest in a house that has already been constructed or a house that is undergoing the construction process, then it would be wise to compare the motives for buying the house. This means that if the consumer wants to buy property for the mere purpose of investing money for long-term returns, then the consumer can look into the prospect of buying a house that is under construction. However, if the consumer is buying the house so that he/she can live there, it is highly recommended that he/she invest in buying a ready to occupy home.

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