A Guide To Low Cost House Construction Methods In Kerala

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Low cost house construction methods in Kerala

A state along the southern flanks of India, Kerala features impeccable scenic beauty, ravishing landscape, convenient weather as well as a superlative cultural and historical legacy. In today’s time, Kerala features a formidable framework for living, including the availability of modern amenities and services. Hence, you can definitely consider constructing your house here. However, you might say that the construction of a house or apartments in Kochi, Kerala may involve significant expenses. But, the feeling of accomplishment in possessing a personal property in such a beautiful place stands priceless. Fortunately, there are various Low-cost house construction methods in Kerala and hence, you can accomplish this aspiration, investing competitive amount.

Tricks and tips for low budget house construction

Looking for Low-cost construction techniques in Kerala? Following are a few of the tricks and tips that will be relevant to discuss:

Collaborate with your friends and relatives for buying larger land plots and subsequently, split up the land in smaller plots. You might get land that is much bigger than your need as well as costlier than your budget and the landowner is reluctant to sell the land in parts. In those instances, approaching this technique, you can get the right size of land within your budget.

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Opt for those plots that apparently appear to be problematic. For instance, consider buying hillside properties, in-fill, and narrow property. Usually, other buyers will seldom opt for such lands and hence, you can make the deal at the much lesser price. Availing the expertise of an expert contractor, you can eliminate the problems and make it a dream property. And get more relevant information from online property search.

Instead of lakeshore or seaside properties, opt for the ones along the bays. You will find some of the best Kerala properties lying along the bays. This way, you can downsize the construction expenses by a significant amount.

When approaching the house construction at the competitive budget, you should always opt for the low-maintenance construction materials. As for instance, you should opt for the metal roofs and vinyl siding. Even though the installation expenses of these materials is slightly towards the higher limits, however, you can still save a significant amount as it requires minimal maintenance and repair expenses. 

Low-Cost Construction Methods

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  • Selection of frame and Load-bearing structures: For accomplishing the construction within the lowest cost, without compromising on the quality of constitution, it will be wise to emphasize on load-bearing structures, rather than using the framed structures. It is because, as it will require a lesser volume of construction materials and hence, will keep the construction cost within a reasonable extent.
  • Foundation: Even though the foundation dept usually stands to the extent of 3 to 4 feet, you can restrict it to half the usual depth, to reduce the overall construction cost. Fortunately, Kerala holds top quality soils and hence, even if you are reducing the depth of the foundation, the quality of construction will not get affected.
  • Load bearing walls: if you are looking for the most effective Low-cost house construction methods in Kerala, you should opt for the hollow concrete blocks for the load-bearing walls.  This will require half the construction material and hence, you can reduce the construction expenses by a significant amount.
  • Staircase: you should opt for the precast versions as this construction can be carried quickly and it involves the minimal expenses. As it is not a labor-intensive construction technique, you will require the minimum labors to execute this construction and hence, save a considerable amount.

As for the windows and doors, you should always adopt the prefabrication technique as it comes as a speedy construction technique and involves much lesser expenses. Hence, adopting these techniques, you can keep the expenses within control, without doing the minimal compromise on the quality of construction. The Low budget house construction in Kerala suggest that you should focus on points like the structural design, budgeting & cost cutting method as well as the use of materials. Keeping the right balance between these attributes, you can keep the construction expenses within your budget, even though the quality of construction stays to the perfect standard. This way, you win the deals on the aspect of construction quality as well as the construction cost. 

Low-Cost Homes

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If you are planning to adopt Low-cost housing techniques in Kerala, you inevitably need to focus on the following points.

  • Opt for a simple geometric pattern: a sure shot approach to reducing the construction cost will be to opt for simpler geometric design. As you include unwanted complexities in the design, it will not only require more construction materials but, you will have to incur more expenses on labor charges for executing such designs.
  • Select the method of construction and construction materials being wise and considerate: If you have to complete the construction within a competitive budget, you require to select those construction techniques that will require the minimum construction materials. Likewise, you should opt for durable and low-maintenance materials.
  • Do-it-yourself: labor cost covers up a major part of the total construction expenses and hence, it will be wise to collaborate with this workforce to accomplish the construction work to some extent. This way, you can significantly reduce construction expenses.
  • Use the floor areas efficiently: square footage is the key contributor to the construction cost and hence, you need to use every inch of the floor area wisely and efficiently.

Kerala house construction steps

The construction of the house will involve the following steps:

  • Design phase: this is the initial phase wherein you will have to prepare the architectural design and submit the plan to competent authorities for approval. Once you get the approval on this plan, you will require preparing the working drawings. It will include the layout for the electrical, sanitation and plumbing framework. Subsequently, you require preparing the cost estimations and eventually, the construction phase starts. And before constructing your house,you should always make sure that your land registration process is completed
  • Carpentry Work Phase:  This involves the construction of the roof slab of the first floor and the parapet wall. Subsequently, the electrical, sanitation and plumbing installations are made.
  • Water and Septic Tank:  at this phase, the major works are the plastering, painting and the installation of the floor tiles.
  • Subsequently, the handrails get installed and the compound wall & gate are constructed. Once these steps are executed, comes the time to take care of landscaping.  The finish touches are applied in forms of interior design and furnishing as well as the installation of the enhancements like security systems and solar panels. 

Low-Cost Building construction techniques in Kerala

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  • Decide on your budget:  you can categorize a property either as an economy house, average house, and the premium house.  Low budget construction will correspond with the economy housing category. It features basic design for the construction as well as the roofing and will include the minimal features and architectural design.
  • Chose the perfect housing plan: Remember, when you require completing the construction within a limited budget, you should opt for the pre-drawn home plans as it will save a significant amount of money.  Customized plans, on the other hand, swallow a good portion of your construction budget.
  • Pick the traditional design: it will be wise to opt for the traditional designs as it will enable you to escape the challenges of extravagant expenses that you will have to incur for executing the trendy plans. Remember, the construction of the 2-story building will cost you lesser that raiding a single story house as the roofing, in this case, need to be gigantic to cover the entire stretch of the property. In comparison, it is observed that 2-story building will require you investing half the cost needed for roofing the single story property. Hence, opting for the double-storied house, you can reduce the house almost to half the usual cost.
  • Approach the local builders: The Low-cost house construction suggests that you should always avail the services of the local builders in Kerala. As the local builders can manage the inventories better, there would be the minimal waste of these resources. Hence, you can reduce the construction expenses by a significant amount. It is observed in the majority of the cases that the local builders can offer better service fees and this way, you can downsize the expenses further.  However, it is important that you are picking the builder being wise and considerate. This way, you can reduce the construction expenses by a significant margin.

The points discussed above will enable you to accomplish the aspiration of building your own home in Kerala, even with the most competitive budget. This way, you can have a dream property in one of the most beautiful places in the country. Even if you are not using this property for residential purposes, you can rent it out to the tourists that visit Kerala every year in very high numbers. Hence, you can generate significant revenue gains from your investment. This way, the dream of owning a house in Kerala will to a much easier task.  

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