Modern Interior Design Trends : Follow the Most Important Tips to Stay Trendy

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 Interior design trends 2017

This year demanding more sensible home decoration concepts rather on mere visual comforts. Experts opine that in this year house and apartment owners will demand to builders in Thrissur, Kerala more home décor elements and designs that will enable them to connect with the greater world amidst comfort and utility of living in a house or apartments in Kerala. As such, the latest home designs and interior design trends are emphasizing more on simplicity, modernization with a touch of tradition, and go green concept.

Focusing points in trends


Interior designers will keep the focus on the following aspects:

  • The color of the walls – A trend has already started where people are showing more interest in designer walls with the help of experts in wall painting. In this matter, house owners are preferring natural looks or eye-soothing wall designs that will also brighten up the environment.
  • Multipurpose simple looking furniture – In the latest interior design trends it is found that preference for sleek furniture having multiple utilities has been intensifying. Gone are the days when heavy wooden furniture used to occupy large spaces in a room and couldn’t be moved easily because of their heaviness and narrow utility.
  • Use of natural ingredients – Natural elements like flower pots, plants, and naturally curved woods are getting importance in the best modern house designs. People are even interested in in-house gardening to remain connected with nature.

Thus, the interior design trends showing ways for many newer concepts to make living places more cozy and comfortable for every family member. Even the kitchen, bathrooms, and backyards are getting special focus from the expert designers and trendsetters.

Tips for interior design trends 

There are some clear interior trends. Every real estate property owner should know the trends of this year that are also going to heavily influence the trends in the future. Here are all important tips to use the best of  interior design trends:

Wall paints –

wall painting

Color of the walls bear the taste and culture of the house members. In 2017, people are looking for more vibrant colors, designer walls, and customized colors for the walls. There is an ongoing demand for darker yet soothing interiors, especially for the bedrooms, dining spaces. That means muted green, sea green, teal, muted blue, and bold hues etc. will be used in a greater number of houses and apartments. When these colors combine with smart textiles and harmonized with shiny woods and warm metal works, the whole ambiance of the house will change drastically. Innumerable experiments on wall painting were going on until a few years ago. It seems that in this year some clear-cut concepts will come out. Here are more wall painting ideas for your home.

Geometric patterns –

Soft and gentle patterns will give way to sharply-curved geometric patterns. This will be the most preferred trends in home décor 2017. Rhythmic geometric patterns in different combinations are going to stay for a long time. People are asking the interior designers to think something unusual, and quirky for attributing some great looks to the wallpapers, wall paintings, glass panes, and even pillow covers. They are just perfect for any room, including bathroom and passages. Geometric patterns are eternally stylish. They can provide an exceptional touch style and gorgeousness to any interior decorating. Experts are advocating several unique and creative ways to attribute geometric concepts in interior designing; even a simple kitchen design can become awesome with rightly used geometric patterns. Some really trendy and alluring geometric patterns are as follows:

  • Geometric prints, artworks, and shapes on the walls and floor are trendy now.
  • Home furnishing materials designed with familiar geometric shapes and adjusted with wall and floor color look really fabulous.
  • Wall hangings, wall shelves, wallpapers that feature geometric shapes with the perfect color combination gives a bold and dynamic look to a room.
  • Textiles, window and door curtain fabrics, bedding sets, fabrics used in other places with synchronized geometric patterns and colors also look great in a house.

Amazing works are happening everywhere with geometric patterns. Undoubtedly, houses and apartments will have more and more geometric designs this year.

Aesthetic application of greeneries –


Green pots with various designs have already entered in the drawing and living rooms of common people. In the interior design trend 2017, people would like to follow more and more “go green” concept in their houses and apartments. There are scores of potted plants available just for making the houses beautiful with attractive flora. Plants like Areca Palm, Amaryllis, Chinese Evergreen, Angel Wing Begonia, Birds Nest Fern, Donkey’s tail, Coral Cactus, and House tree Leek, etc., and varieties of flowering plants can be used very aesthetically to make the rooms look more green and soothing. Depending on the space available, the corner of the room, tableside, common passages, stairs, tabletop, windows could be used to decorate the room with plants and flowers. Similarly, you can easily set up an indoor garden in your apartment. 

Use of marbles

The use and demand of marble were decreasing from the last half of the previous century, but marbles in different designs have made a modern comeback in the world of interior design. Experts opine that marbles will take a significant place in 2017 and afterward. This time the trend is using it in small spaces and for defining a particular aspect or aesthetic in a room, rather larger areas like the entire floor or wall. In fact, marbles provide a classic touch to an interior décor while still remaining modern. Some ravishing home decoration ideas with marbles are as follows:

  • Use of marble in the lower portion of the walls in the entire room, wrapping a pillar, or framing a fireplace is a good idea.
  • Use of marble to create corner shelves or just a small area is a blank wall to place ant wall painting is also a good idea.
  • People are also getting interested in using marble in the kitchen fire various reasons, like making a piece of large furniture for keeping kitchen articles, placing stoves, or sink.
  • Heavy but small marble furniture like tea table, corner table, etc. are also getting popularity steadily.

Wooden designs –

Home decor with wooden designs and accessories will gain more momentum in this year. It is a fact that interior designers get maximum freedom when they have the scope to design a house with woods. As such, woods can be versatile and beautiful beyond one’s imagination. Wood has always remained one of the most used materials both in architecture and interior design. It makes the hard job of an interior designer more sustainable and more useful.  In the modern concept, the following are some of the best trends with the wooden concept:

  • Wooden walls with adjusting wooden furniture and fixtures
  • Wood can be aesthetically conceptualized in the dining room with a wooden dining table and compatible wooden chairs and other furniture.
  • Some modern designers using woods for stairs and long passages

A house owner should keep in mind that decorating a house with wooden materials and furniture is always a good idea, but adjustment with the surrounding should be made to give the house a modern look. The trend of this year is all wooden concept if the house owner is going to use wood for interior designing.

Handcrafted fixtures and fittings –


Handcrafted fixtures and fittings will be part of interior design trends for 2017. The trend has already started in the last year, but this year it will be more demanding and more visible in the houses and apartments. Interior designers will experiment with different materials, but wood will always remain the first choice. Artistic works infused with the specific utility of the item will add beauty to space. Most of the trends will be noticed in tables, wall hangings, bookshelves, chairs, pots, and lighting arrangement. Handcrafted furniture items will be trendy centerpieces in any interior décor.

Tips on minute aspects to follow the hot trends used by Builders in Kerala 

After going through the above-mentioned tips on the trends in 2017, property owners will get an idea on how they could decorate their houses and apartments in the trendiest ways. At the same time, one needs to pay attention to all the minute aspects of the interior design trends this year to adopt any one or more trends flawlessly:

  • Emphasize on the colors – As depicted earlier, some colors will play a vital role in 2017. It is not necessary a single-color theme is to be followed for the entire house, but colors should be completely adjustable. Along with the colors inside the home, house owners should keep the focus on the colors used to paint outside the wall of the house. Depending on the weather condition, choosing a sober color like rustic red, light green, cotton white, deep white, etc. could be chosen.
  • Greeneries for the whole house – If the house owner is adopting the greeneries, he or she should use the theme for the entire house. According to the experts, green pots only in the living room is not going to look gorgeous. A touch of green should be in the living room, dining room, study room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Varieties of plants and flowers are available for interior decoration, some require special care regularly while some others do not need much care. Depending on preference, those are to be chosen. In the bathroom or kitchen instead of lush green plants, colorful flora like snake plant, paddle plant, etc. can be chosen. The pots for the plant needs special attention too and it should be according to the theme of the walls. Also, we can cherish a terrace garden in our apartment within a low budget.
  • Sensible use of antiques, wall hanging and mirrors – In This year, antiques, wall hangings, and mirrors will get extra attention. Antiques suitable for living room could be displayed with proper positioning in the shelves or a specially prepared showcase for books and antiques. Wall clocks and mirrors decorated with marbles or woods is very trendy nowadays. Mirrors for bathroom and bedroom need to be life size if the space permits.
  • Window and door trim – In the latest interior design trends, special attention will also be given on attributing adjustable colors to the trims of doors and windows. Often these parts are neglected or omitted, but in trendy home décor, this can be ignored. The best way to color these parts is to attribute the theme color of the wall where the door or window is located. Or with any other color that perfectly adjusts with the room. The intention should be to make it as a part of the room, not any separate part.
  • Living room sofa – Sofa set with a coffee table in the living room is the most eye-catching part in that room. People often neglect that part thinking it to be an ordinary affair, whereas this one furniture set can make or break the home decor trends 2017. The house owner needs to be selective while choosing  fabrics, cushions to be used with the sofa set. At the same time choosing a sofa perfectly adjustable with the space is also necessary. The too large or too small sofa can destroy the theme of the living room altogether.  
  • Selective in designing small living spaces – a large number of families now occupy small apartments in large cities. The interior design of small living spaces is to be completely different from spacious houses and apartments in Thrissur, Kerala. Small apartments or houses can also be made very trendy with the right choice of multipurpose furniture and colors.

As per the experts, this year will get back some trends of 70s and 80s of the previous century. This year people will witness many newer and eye-catching changes in the selection of wall colors, texture, and furniture. Experiments with marbles, geometric furniture pieces, geometric patterns, and wooden furniture will continue throughout the year. Trends will also be visible in fabrics and designs on the fabrics. Fabric textures and new collections with cotton, lavish velvets, and organic linens will be available in the market in huge quantities. Bold and sensuous colors with be eye-soothing combinations and designs will be highly demanded this year. And finally, fixtures and fittings for every room will be well-appointed and mostly handcrafted, with mostly African and Indian inspirations.

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