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Posted On Mar 9, 2017 by Real Estate Consultant Cheloor in Submit Guest Post

guest posting Though our society is crammed with many dexterous and talented writers, most of the time they don’t get a platform where they can publish their valuable content and get recognition for their works. Thus, most of the time their work remains unpublished and underrated. And, if you are a content writer and are suffering from this situation, then you don’t need to worry about it because guest posting has already entered the market and it has already changed the fate of many content writers. If you are real estate builder blogger read blow posts.

What is guest posting or guest blogging? Let’s dig a deeper.

As the name suggests, guest posting or blogging is an act of creating compelling and enthralling contents or articles and then, publishing them on various other websites. In a guest posting, you can merely choose the content, but then you need to make it interesting and captivating so that you can get a huge number of web traffic for your content.

What are the benefits that you will get from guest posting?

  • Maybe you are an adroit writer who has a profound knowledge and skill and you are writing for many years, but you are not enough fortunate so that people can recognize you and your work. But with guest posting, now the audience will start to recognize you as an independent writing expert. Many real estate companies will give you a good platform for guest posting and if you can join with them as a guest blogger, then you will definitely earn the respect, gratitude, and remuneration for your work.
  • You will get a chunk of web traffic to your site.
  • Working with us as a guest blogger will give you an opportunity to rise as a writer by acquiring backlinks from the other authority and authentic sites. 

What are the benefits that a real estate business will get from a guest posting?

  • If you own a real estate business and want to enhance the visibility and mileage of your business, then a guest posting would be an utmost choice for you.
  • Guest posting allows you to access the audience from the other sites and in this way, you can enhance your audience base and uplift the visibility of your company.
  • Another prime benefit of guest posting is that you will get a chance to connect with the other websites and the business owners who are in the same profession.
  • This will help in your website optimization too.
  • It will enhance your advertisement and brand recognition.

Now by contemplating all the benefits that a guest posting can give to their businesses, many real estate business owners are now showing their interest in guest posting.

But every company has some guidelines that a guest blogger should abide by if he or she is planning to go for a guest posting. Below, we are mentioning the guidelines for submitting a guest post in our website.

Guidelines before submitting your guest post to us

  • Your content should be well-researched and impeccable so that it can prove that you have an in-depth knowledge of the subject. Generally, we prefer those types of contents which are enough captivating and motivating with a minimum word length of 1000-1500 words. Though the word length may vary from company to company, so before submitting your article, you should check the word length that is mentioned by the company with whom you are planning to associate as a guest blogger.
  • While writing a post for us, your content must include points like investment returns, real estate market condition, taxes, government policies, what’s going on the real estate field, commercial and residential projects etc.
  • Most of the real estate websites discourage promotional contents. So, you should try to provide the content which can easily connect with the audiences.
  • You are free to incorporate any images, photographs, screenshots, and illustrations into your content which can make your content more exciting, readable and enchanting. Some websites may mention the size of the images when you are planning to upload any image. So, strictly follow their rules when uploading the images.
  • If you include any third-party reference in your content, then you must do a proper acknowledgement or credit to them. Sources for facts and figures must be included separately not along with the article.
  • You should use proper style and formatting when writing your content. Add headings, sub-headings and bullet points to your article so that the users can read them without any difficulties. Moreover, these things will also make your content more attractive and appealing.
  • You should be active with your readers which mean you must reply to their questions and comments. If you won’t stay connected to your readers, then your content will unable to gain the attention of the readers. Moreover, it will also enhance your reader base and the visibility of your content.
  • Don’t provide any content which is plagiarised and copied from the other sites. The contents which are 100% unique, exclusive and plagiarism-free will only be entertained with us. Every company will check each content through its software tools before publishing them to the website. So, if your content is plagiarised and less unique, then you will definitely be penalized by the company.
  • No grammatical error would be entertained by us. So, proofread your contents vigilantly before submitting them to the website. We always emphasize on the quality of the content and if your content quality will unable to pass the benchmark set by us, then it would be rejected from their end.
  • We have the right to edit your content so that the quality will not be comprised in any case and you must accept it. But without your opinion and permission, we will never publish the final copy to the site.
  • If your content will successfully meet all the guidelines that are set by us, then you will get remuneration for that particular content.

Hope, from the above-mentioned points, you got an idea on how to submit a guest post in a real estate company’s website. Though different companies have different rules for guest blogging the basic rules are the same for all. The remuneration may vary from company to company.

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