Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Apartments In Kerala

Posted On Dec 13, 2016 by Real Estate Consultant Cheloor in Kerala Apartments

Reasons to buy apartments in Kerala

Kerala, Gods own country, as it is famously called has always been able to live up to its name no matter what. The past, the present of Kerala has always been exquisite and growing literacy rate along with the sense of sensibility and cultural variance of the state.

Kerala sure is anyone’s delight when it comes to living standards as it will give a whole different feel of comfort. Every traveler’s diary for sure has the name of Kerala clearly and widely mentioned in block bold letters as to how beautiful the place and the ambiance Kerala have to offer. From the rich and diverse culture of animals and wildlife living there to an insanely beautiful scenery that one sees, Kerala has a blend of amazing and intriguing landscape water bodies that one can ask for.

The Kovalam beach, the Varkala beach and the beautiful Alleppey backwaters to the picturesque and scenic Munnar that has rich and green biodiversity all around it. Trivandrum has a lot of residential areas surrounded by majestic hills in the background that ensures better conditions of housing.

Nowadays apartments have been prevalent in Kerala and people have started shifting from independent houses to fully furnished flats and apartments in Kerala. There are many reasons in support of it that trigger the movement of people back to the apartments.

From having all the basic amenities to the limited responsibilities of the apartments, the apartment life in Kerala is totally worthy of a stint. Some of the factors that instigate one of the people to buy an apartment in Kerala are:

The Reputation of the Place:

As already mentioned, Kerala is widely regarded as the best state to live in the country and who would want to miss a chance to so if they ever get a chance to avail this offer they get in their lives. The exquisite landscape beauty entails some different story of its and thus shows a vibrant yet beautiful picture of it. No one would want to live behind such a placid and serene view as they get up from their sleep right at their window panes.

Flexible Clause:

The owners of the Kerala apartments are very flexible and do not have any much stringent demands regarding how the deal has to be carried out. They do not put out any strict rules and guidelines as to how the payment has to be done or how the deadlines have to be met. This is one aspect that is very important and can be taken into account anytime when wanted.

Legal Rights:

The Legal RightsImage Source

Kerala government has very lawfully subjected the plan to the apartments hiring through systemic methods of auctioning for the flat, and the flat automatically gets allocated to the highest bidder in the particular auction and hence avoiding the urgency and complications regarding how to register for the land rights and registrations.

Reasonable Prices:

Kerala has a lot of offers to give to people who wish to buy 2BHK & 3 BHK apartments or flats in Kerala which also includes effective prices. The price of apartments here in Kerala is very minimal as compared to other neighboring states of the south such as the Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh or Karnataka. Kerala owing to its tourism-oriented economy and the intensive culture has prompted the state to price up the state to a very low price that may make it a lot more affordable for the people as compared to the other states.

Beautiful View:

Some of the apartments have a seaside facing view that allows for a person to get up in the morning and have a glimpse of the sea as the first sight of the morning. Imagine getting up to the utter chaos of the traffic and dust that marks it across the atmosphere as a blanket and now imagine on the other hand, waking up to the fresh air of the valley and subjecting yourself to the sweet aroma of the pleasant wind that blows across the air and also tangles you into its own joy. This is what having an amazing and picturesque view can do to your mood and your feelings.

Location :

locationImage Source

Kerala has a lot of land area that is available for construction of apartments or is in the middle of getting constructed to allow for the residents to move into the apartments straightaway. Location ultimately becomes the prime factor the people who are moving to Kerala from far down the country, it is this factor that decides and acts as the talisman for various other factors to allow people to move in the flats in Kerala. You can also check out here our ultimate online property search guide.

Social Status:

The officially planned authorities should always be considered if one needs to be addressing to the apartments in Kerala. The social symbol and the social status is very necessary when moving to Kerala as the government has to approve of the legal rights and the papers of the apartments have to be duly scanned and verified and thus are needed to be taken into account quite seriously.

Foreign Culture:  

Kerala being a hotspot for the tourists has a lot of foreign exposure and the flair of foreign taste is always left brimming from the crust and the core. As it has been rightly said, Think global, act locally. Kerala has a tendency of quite being up to that remark of theirs as it properly ensures that the exposure people get in Kerala is too hard to be replicated by any other part of the country. Surveys have clearly shown that a maximum number of tourists that visit in India, visit Kerala only and hence it is much easier for the people to shift here in and buy two or three bedroom apartments in  Kerala owing to this very fact.

House Structure:

house structureImage Source 

Kerala lies in the least vulnerable places to the earthquake, as said by the geographical reports of the country and hence the construction of the houses here has been very different as compared to other parts of the country. One can try their hands on almost all kinds of architectural designs that are present here and almost all yields positive results without any fail. Since the place is least affected by earthquakes one can easily go for the sloping roofs or the wooden planks above the houses and hence no one will deny having them constructed, hence this is one of the major factor people look forward to when they want to move into their new houses or buy a lucrative apartment in the remote areas or the urban areas of Kerala.

Healthy Lifestyle:

Kerala is quite famous for plantation of some of the very efficient health-related products as the Coconuts and the coriander. Coconuts have been famous for a very long period now and most of the coconuts grown today are exported to foreign countries which enhance the revenue of the state. Coconut water has been highly touted as very rich in their nutritional value and has a rich content of vitamins and fibers in it that help to treat humans of congenial and harmful diseases that occur. Also, the coriander leaves totally benefits the human body by improving the immunity content of the person and helps them develop their immunity and get prone to harmful diseases in a much efficient way.

All these factors show how habitable the state Kerala is and how easy it can be for people who want to move here in the state and buy an apartment for them.

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