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Posted On Nov 29, 2016 by Real Estate Consultant Cheloor in Online property Search

online property search

Looking for real estate has never been so convenient and systematic as today.

It is hard to imagine that a day existed when property could only be found on a page in the newspaper.

Gone are those days when real estate would be restricted to one locality.

Property search in the cities would be usually conducted through real estate brokers, who would charge exorbitant rates in the process, only after you ‘settled’ for a mediocre property.

With the internet taking the whole world by storm in each and every sphere, from retail to digital marketing, real estate doesn’t lag behind in the race, appearing in websites controlling major properties.

Granted, online real estate was not a giant industry since the beginning.

It started with providing only mere listings after a query had been posted on the page.

Today if you looking for search flats and apartments in Thrissur online will make all the relevant information available to you like figures, pictures, 360-degree views, locality, etc. to make your search project successful.

These properties range from the smallest requirements to multi-bedroom suites, answering to every financial need. With the internet today being so intimately connected to the real estate industry, it is worth asking if they actually have the appropriate solution for you.

And if they do, what are the ways by which you can optimize your online property search?

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The easiest way to find a property is to run a map-based search.

This does not only make the property appear on the map but also its physical surroundings and amenities that you might need like schools, recreation park, underground metro, bus stops, hospitals, markets, banks, etc.

Beginning with the search engine, it is essential to type in the right keywords to filter out the best results possible.

Try to include a narrowed perspective of the area, price range and types of property, such as regular flats and apartments, house, chapter, suite, duplex or a condo.

With the latest technology available, it is now possible for you to take a virtual tour of the apartment or house you are interested in.

The visualization software allows customers to rotate the picture in a 360-degree fashion to take glimpses of the rooms, the view from the balcony/terrace, compare unit plans of different flats, and hence opening up the various angles of the property.

Another feature that you can make use of is the sky view which takes images of the property from the highly technical drone camera. This offers an aerial view building and its neighborhood.

Most people, even today, would not take the risk of renting or buying property online, being apprehensive of its authenticity and veracity.

However, one should be aware that websites for apartment search have data agents who are in charge of verifying the properties after physically looking at each of them.

Hence, all the information provided regarding property can be trusted.

While looking for your home online, you can also focus your attention on real estate which has been specially developed for online booking.

Many times, these projects are made available in rental portals other than the developer’s own.

This is especially beneficial for NRIs, who have no choice but to resort to an online property search.

One can easily follow a three-step process for this: begin by registering on your preferred real estate website, then follow it up by choosing the project size and payment plan and finally select the property by paying the booking fee.

This also has another advantage. If you happen to walk away from the property within a designated time, you may also be eligible for receiving your booking amount back.

Considering every feature that an online website allows to make your real estate hunt easier, it is highly advisable that you follow your online search project with some offline research.

If you live close by, you can make a quick visit to the site and inspect the locality physically.

One can supplement that by doing a background search on the builder’s past activities and track record of completion and quality deliverance by taking a trip to his older projects.

Finally, do make sure to check the authenticity of all the documents and paperwork provided by the developer.

Plenty of builders and developers are active on social media as well.

While fixating on a property online, you can also hold chats simultaneously and enquire about the project you are interested in.

Social media pages also have reviews, posts by other interested customers, pictures, details, etc. all in one place.

While still on the computer, make sure to be attentive to the banner ads, which are generated on the screen based on your house search history.

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More often than not, these contain relevant information about properties which might not have shown up on the search engine.

If you are still wary of booking a property online, you can hire an expert to do all the checks for you, before you go ahead with the purchase.

It should be borne in mind that some realtors do not return the booking amount; so, the payment has to be made only after one is completely in line with the purchase.

However, most portals today have 100% transparency when dealing with their customers.

Some also have the online feature of conducting live chats with their customers to answer questions from the other side.

Meanwhile, the sites also offer additional information on the pages, so you can dig a lot deeper without having to compromise the comfort of your home.

Since the sale happens online, you can also check out the comparative rates that each site offers.

Comparing will let you know the best price you can get the property at. While you are in the middle of the procedure, you can also make the most of it by negotiating a price.

Buying real estate properties online can still be a risky venture. Before you buy a real estate property please go through Checklist For Buying Luxury Homes In Kerala.

The internet is admittedly, filled with fraudulent websites and fake setups which will rob you of your money but give nothing comparable in return. 

This calls for a thorough background check of the website itself.

A genuine website should have plenty of contented customers and reviews, not only on its own site but other portals. Customer reviews are a great way of finding what you are actually looking for.

Besides the authenticity of the website, they might also contain surplus information about their experience, the developers, and other companies for you to track.

Many sites also contain helpful articles for you to start the search.

Apart from explaining you the risks, infrastructure, security aspects, loan eligibility, investment opportunities, suitability, etc.,the load it will also have measures and tools explaining important factors like built-up area, super built-up area, and carpet area.

Additionally, while searching for a house or apartment with a hefty price tag, try to look for an EMI option which will be a load of paying at once!

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