High-Rise or Low-Rise: Which Apartment to Choose in Kerala?

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high rise vs low rise

If you are planning to shop for an apartment in Kerala, one of the first decisions that need to be taken is whether you prefer low-rise or high-rise apartment. High-rise apartments refer to skyscrapers which are raised beyond four floors and are built tall. Low-rise apartments, on the other hand, are the ones that are less than four floors. Both high-rise and low-rise apartments have their own advantages. Hence making the final choice can be a little challenging and is dependent on a number of factors.

It is not necessary that a high-rise apartment will have many rooms and bedrooms. Just as there are 3 bedroom apartments, there are 1-bedroom apartments also in the high-rise. In case the members are less in the family you can opt for 1-bedroom or 2 bedroom apartments. Before deciding on which apartment in Kerala to buy here are a list of pros and cons of buying high-rise vs low-rise apartments. 

When high -rise apartments are preferred In Kerala?

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  • People especially in Kerala a natural gift of God, choose high-rise apartment when apart from having a great home they also want to enjoy the great view of nature which is available when you choose a high-rise apartment. From such apartments, you get to see the entire view of the city which would not be the case with low-rise apartments as the view will be guarded by other buildings and several other things may come in the between the house and the great view of nature. Hence high-rise apartments are not only becoming popular because of their convenience and location but also the fact that they let the occupants enjoy some great view from the comforts of their home.
  • The pollution level is increasing day by day in Kerala. People who wish to enjoy pollution free environment try choosing apartments in high-rise buildings because the air above is comparatively less polluted than the air than the air below.
  • Being multi-stored these apartments also have the advantage of better airflow, ventilation and natural lighting. During evening time, due to less obstruction of other buildings or trees, there is cool breeze which can even reduce and sometimes stop the requirement of fan or AC and thereby reduce the consumption of electricity and save electric bill in the long run.
  • In most of the high-rise flats, there are a large number of apartments and a bigger community too. This can help one to lead a better community living experience and a better social life too. Group activities are also quite common in such apartments and it encourages socializing. There are separate areas for senior citizens and kids also.
  • In high-rise compared to low-rise, the amenities are much more and there is a provision for common area compound too.  You can also check out here about the complete online property search.

Cons of High-rise apartments:

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  • High-rise buildings are full of amenities hence the social life is very active there. For those who enjoy their privacy more, it can be a disadvantage to them a lot of social activity is there and more often than not despite their unwillingness they may have to mingle with the other people of the community.
  • Due to the superior location as well as the number of amenities provided, high-rise apartments can be difficult to find and they can be quite expensive too.
  • Since in most of the cases high-rise apartments are situated in a huge place it may take more time to get to the street and private outdoor space is nonexistent as well as limited.
  • Due to a lot of amenities being provided in such apartments such as round the clock security, playground, library, movie watching space, community hall, and the likes, the maintenance fees also tend to be quite high.
  • The occupants in high-rise apartments are more prone to danger in case of natural calamity. Though the buildings are made using high-end technology, the damaged suffered can be high when there is a natural calamity. The occupants may also find it difficult to go to the safer zones because it will take them a lot of time to come from their apartments to the ground floor as the lifts are nonoperational during such crisis and one needs to take the stairs in most of the cases. We already discussed the top 10 reasons to invest in a ready to occupy home.

Why Low-rise apartments are preferred?

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  • The numbers of units in case of low-rise buildings are usually less. Hence it offers more flexibility and privacy as compared to high-rise apartments.
  • Since there are smaller communities, there is less or no chance of dispute with neighbors.
  • During times of natural calamity, these apartments hold a lower risk. Here the escape mechanism is much simpler and faster as compared to a high-rise building.
  • The apartments are mostly built in a large space and have less pollution and calmer surroundings.
  • Unlike high-rise apartments, low-rise apartments are closer to the street. Hence less time is spent going to the street to use any public transport or going to your car.
  • Though the apartments do not offer much luxury, they are usually cheap and the price is often negotiable making it affordable for the common masses.

Cons of Low-rise apartments

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  • Most of the times low-rise buildings are not in the heart of the city and belong to the downtown areas which may mean that you need to spend a significant time commuting.
  • Unlike low-rise apartments, there isn’t much variety available and most of the units do not come with any extra furniture or appliances, unlike high-rise apartments. Hence in almost all the cases, you need to spend some extra amount to set up facilities such as an internet, phone, cable, and other utility services as this will not be provided by the builders or the landlords. This, however, is not the case with high-rise apartments where the occupants enjoy all such facilities which are inbuilt when they occupy the apartments.
  • Low-rise apartments are not very luxurious and most of them only include the basic amenities. Amenities such as pools, gardens, laundry facility, and fitness centers are rarely found there. Also, maintenance is quite low.
  • Such apartments may also have security issues as more often than not no supervisors are employed. Also, due to lack of space, there may be issues with regard to parking facilities also.

Making the right choice

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Both high-rise apartments, as well as low-rise apartments, have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. Choosing between the two is based on your personal preference and it is best to buy the one that would best fit your lifestyle. There are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration before going for high-rise or low-rise apartments. If you are someone who likes the hustle and bustle of the city, if you like access to service at all hours of day and night, if you are in favor of luxurious amenities and if budget is not a constraint for you, then you can very well opt for high-rise apartments.

On the other hand, low-rise apartments are for those who like their privacy, cozy atmosphere, not to keen on using the amenities and prefer using the amenities that is provided outside the housing complex, for whom budget is a constraint they may consider choosing low-rise apartments. Also, those who belong to the elderly class of population and stay alone most of the time they may prefer low-rise apartments because it is easy for them to come down and seek help in case of any natural calamity or any other situation. While buying an apartment it is not only the cost of the apartment that you need to take into consideration, you also need to take into consideration the additional maintenance cost that you would incur every month for the rest of the period till you are the owner of the house. Also, the factors like proximity to the hospital, bus stand, railway station, airports, schools, office are another factor that usually determines the area and the type of apartments that you wish to possess.

In almost all the cities in Kerala, there are builders who take the contract of building either high-rise or low-rise buildings depending on the area and space available. They take care of all the legal formalities that is required to build any building from the local municipality of the area. Before buying any apartment it is best to contact the builders and go and see their model apartments and what are the facilities that they provide.  It is also essential to find out the cost of the apartment that you are wishing to buy and if there is any hidden cost involved that you may have to pay once you gain procession.

Often the builders arrange for loan facilities from banks for the buyers and hence the buyers need to go through the hassle of running from one bank to another for a loan. The banks with which the builder’s tie-up with have the required documents, and you just need to provide some additional documents about your income statement and identity proof in most of the cases to get the loans sanctioned and gain possession of your high-rise or low-rise apartments.

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